Tijdschrift voor Privaatrecht

1964-1998 online open access, from 1999 via Jura and Jurisquare

For authors

The journal TPR publishes various kinds of texts, including Chronicles of case law and book reviews. For further explanation, see the detailed Guidelines (in Dutch).


Submission of an article, other than a chronicle of case law or a book review, must take place by way of the submission form, which the submitter has to complete and e-mail to the editors via: redactie@tpr.be
The submission form and the detailed Guidelines contain all further specifications.
For the formatting of the Table of Contents, submitters may use this template. For the formatting of bibliographic references, authors can use this EndNote template.

The articles are submitted to a double-blind peer review.
The editors are entitled to refuse publication of texts submitted.
The editors are not liable for the loss of submissions sent to them.
By submitting a text, the author gives consent to TPR, in case the submission has been accepted, to publish it in the journal and by other means that are deemed appropriate by the editors.

Book reviews

Authors interested to either review books or to offer books for review, may contact the secretary to the editors via recensies@tpr.be
Applicants for reviews are listed in a mailing list of books offered for review. Book reviews are published at the end of each issue of TPR.


Guidelines for authors

Submission form

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